• Magnabend Kantvikar

    Med Magnabend kan du bocka alla de former som konventionella maskiner inte klarar av. Du kan bl.a. forma lådor, tråg, runda former, stängda och djupa kanaler. Tack vare de patenterade gångjärnen och det tunna överprismat får du fritt svängrum i höjd, djup och sidled. Du kan låta plåten sticka ut ...
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  • Box & Pan Brakes including Finger ELECTRABRAKE

      Box & Pan Brakes including Finger ELECTRABRAKE This new concept in sheet metal forming gives you much more freedom to make the shapes you want. The machine is very different from ordinary folders because it clamps the work piece with a powerful electro-magnet rather than by mechanical ...
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  • Magnabend – Electromagnetic sheet metal folding machine

    Magnabend – Electromagnetic sheet metal folding machine What is Magnabend? The Magnabend is a machine for folding sheet metal and is a common item used in the metal work environment. It can be used to bend both magnetic metals like galvanised steel and non-magnetic metals such as brass and alumin...
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    Electromagnetic Design Magnabend The Magnabend is designed to eliminate the hindrance of an upper beam with the introduction of an elongated electromagnet and keeper system. Self-Locating A simple and effective method of locating the full length keeper is achieved by spring-loaded steel locator b...
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  • Sheet Metal Brake, 12 A, 48″Magbrake

    Sheet Metal Brake, 12 A, 48″Magbrake Item: Sheet Metal Brake Bending Length (In.): 48 in Capacity of Mild Steel (Gauge): 16 Construction: Steel Max. Box Depth (In.): Unlimited Material: Steel Baileigh Industrial #BB-4816M Specifications Mfr #: BB-4816M Promotion Rest...
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  • Sheet Metal Brake

    Item: Sheet Metal Brake Bending Length (In.): 48 in Capacity of Mild Steel (Gauge): 18 Finger Width (In.): 3/4 in, 1 in, 1 3/8 in, 1 7/8 in, 2 3/4 in, 3 3/4 in, 4 3/4 in, 6 in, 12 in, 21 5/8 in Max. Box Depth (In.): Unlimited Construction: Steel Features: 115V, Closed Shapes, El...
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    MAGNABEND Magnetische zetbank SNELLE PRIJSAANVRAAG De MAGNABEND Magnetische zetbank is een unieke, veelzijdige en eenvoudig te gebruiken zetbank voor het zetten van veel soorten plaat, zoals aluminium, koper, staal, RVS, beklede materialen enz. Er zijn modellen van 65 tot 320 cm werklengte Elektr...
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  • EB-1250 Magnetic bending machine

    * Magnetic Bending Machine with Magnetic clamping brake * Easy raise clamping car. * Unlimited box depth. * Include multiple finger lengths. * Bending stop included. * The fundamental principle of the Magnetic Bending Machine is that it uses electromagnetic, rather than mechanical, clamping syste...
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  • How Does an Magnetic Sheet Metal Brake Work?

    Most traditional brakes work by dropping or tightening a clamp that holds the metal in place and then you hinge the bottom leaf up to bend the metal where it is clamped. This works well and has been the preferred method for bending metal but in recent years magnetic shee...
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  • Sheet Metal Brakes

    ​​There are many different factors to consider when selecting a sheet metal brake. We find that many of our customers don't realize how many types of metal bending brakes are on the market today. The price of a sheet metal brake can fluctuate greatly depending on the len...
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    People often ask me to check their calculations for "Magnabend" coil designs . This prompted me to come up with this web page which enables automatic calculations to be performed once some basic coil data has been entered. Many thanks to my colleague, Tony Grainger, for ...
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    Following many requests I am now adding detailed drawings of the Magnabend centreless hinges to this website. Please note however that these hinges are too difficult to make for a one-off machine.. The main parts of the hinge require accurate casting (for example by the ...
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