ELECTRO-MAGNETIC SHEET METAL BENDING MACHINE is a new concept in sheetmetal forming which gives you much more freedom to make the shapes you want. The machine is very different from ordinary folders because it clamps the workpiece with a powerful electro-magnet rather than by mechanical means. This leads to numerous advantages.



Recommended for:

HVAC shops, industrial art shops, and general sheet metal fabrication shops. Making enclosed boxes, triangles, alternate bends on varying planes, and round items such as scrolling applications. Bending a variety of materials, including sheets of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, coated materials, heated plastics, and more.

Each Magnabend electromagnetic sheet metal brake offers:

Magnet with 6 tons of force – The powerful magnet holds the material in place so that you can clamp it within the open concept design.
Open-ended design – The open top gives you the flexibility to make any kind of bend imaginable, including enclosed boxes or triangles.
Foot pedal or push button controls – Engage the magnet and leave your hands free to guide the material.
Small footprint – This do-it-all machine doesn’t take up much space in your shop.
1-year warranty and lifetime technical support by phone – Call our team of reps, all with hands-on machine experience, whenever you have questions or need machine help.

Example shapes made on Magnetic folding machines

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  • Special Tooling

    It is very easy to make special tooling for the Magnabend. In the example below a bull-nosed brass step cover is being formed from 1.0mm thick brass. The special tooling consists of just a length of pipe attached to the front of the clampbar via 2 cleats. For thinner workpieces the cleats may not...

  • CLAMP BARS on Magnetic sheet metal brake Magnabend sheet metal folding machine

    CLAMP BARS on Magnetic sheet metal brake Magnabend sheet metal folding machine The easy exchangability of clampbars is a very strong feature of the Magnabend concept. The illustration below shows: A Slotted Clampbar, A Plain Clampbar, A Narrow Clampbar, A Clampbar Short Set. You don’t neces...